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Here you'll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Turnover.

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What is Turnover?

Turnover is the ultimate BPM tapper for assigning dead accurate BPM values to your entire music library. Tap your way through entire playlists quickly, or tap out songs as they come up with scarcely any disruption to your workflow.

Let Turnover help generate playlists in specific BPM ranges for fixed-tempo workouts, including 180 steps-per-minute playlists for efficient running.

How is Turnover used?

Turnover is a full-featured iTunes/Music controller. Tap your way through your music library without ever switching to iTunes/Music. Tap, save, jump well into the next track and keep on tapping. It's that simple.

Or, with iTunes/Music playing in the background, let Turnover notify you when the current track has a missing or unconfirmed BPM value. Hit your global hotkey to activate Turnover, start tapping, save, and let Turnover bring you right back whence you came.

Create rules to manage playlists, customize keyboard shortcuts, choose from various notification mechanisms, and even choose from one of many available musical instrument “tap” sounds.

Can Turnover determine BPM values automatically?

In our experience, software utilities that assign BPM values to the contents of your music library through beat analysis are not reliable. Admittedly, many BPM values are indeed determined correctly this way. Others are not. Thus the only way to be confident in the BPM value of any particular track is to tap it out. So why bother? In fact, Turnover will optionally ignore these BPM values and notify you that these songs need to be tapped out, just as though the BPM values were missing entirely.

Why is this called Turnover?

An avid runner, the author of this software needed a tool to help build playlists in the 180 BPM range, a cadence, or rate of turnover, deemed most efficient for running. With thousands of songs to contend with, and existing BPM tappers not quite up to the challenge, this project was born. So if you're looking to "improve your turnover", this is the perfect tool to help you build the necessary playlists.