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Asar FAQ

Here you'll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Asar policies. Check back frequently, as we'll try to keep this section updated with the latest issues and concerns as they arise.

Why haven't I received my serial number yet?

Serial numbers are sent automatically at the time of purchase. There is never any delay. Once the sale is complete your serial number should be received in a separate email at the same time as your sales receipt email.

Most likely your serial number email and/or your sales receipt email are sitting in your mail provider's junk folder. If you provided a gmail, hotmail, or yahoo address, then this is almost certainly the case. Please do not email us asking for your serial number unless you provide an alternate email address, or until AFTER you have logged on to your mail account, and explicitly instructed your mail account to allow ALL email from

What is the best way to request technical support?

If you need assistance with one of our products please use the online support forms for Hogwasher or NZB Drop, or use the built-in support forms available from the “Technical Support...” menu item in either product.

If you email us directly it is best to do so by replying to one of our emails. Otherwise you are advised to choose your subject line carefully, avoiding anything that could be misconstrued as spam. If we receive an email with a subject such as “I'm having a problem” it will almost certainly be deleted without even being read.

Why haven't you answered my request for technical support?

Here are some possibilities:

- The email address provided on the support form was mistyped. Without a valid address to reply to, your chances of actually receiving a response are rather small. We have been known to look up a customer's registration address in such a circumstance, but don't count on it.

- Our response is sitting in your mail provider's junk folder. Or perhaps it was deleted outright. This is a common problem for customers who provide a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail address. Before requesting technical support please make sure your mail server and your local mail filters will allow ALL email from the domain to pass through.

- You emailed us directly and your email was mistakenly discarded as spam. It happens. It is best to use one of the various support forms available to ensure your request reaches us.

- We're being slow and just haven't responded yet. As a matter of policy you should allow one week for a reply for tech support. Response time is typically much less, usually under 24 hours. Many requests are answered within minutes of their receipt. Nevertheless, as a small company trying to get things done, sometimes tech support gets put off a little longer than it should during coding sessions. We don't like it, but it happens.

No matter the reason, if you haven't heard back, please resend your request. We'll respond as quickly as we can.

What is your refund policy?

Asar is unable to process refunds for our products. The only exception we will make is for customers who mistakenly purchase multiple copies of a product. In this case please email (preferably by replying to your sales receipt), and we will refund the full cost of the unwanted copies to your credit card.

Asar provides generous unrestricted trials of our products. Customers are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of these trial periods to ensure the software meets their needs and works reliably on their systems before purchasing.

What is your privacy policy?

All customer information is held in strict confidence. No customer information will ever be disclosed to any third party, except as may be required by law.