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What exactly is an NZB file?

An NZB file is an XML formatted file containing all the information needed to download a file, or collection of files, from Usenet newsgroups. This allows NZB Drop, Hogwasher, and other newsreaders with NZB support, to download files directly without the usual process of having to manually locate the files in long lists of headers. The NZB file format was created by the guys at See here for more information, including the technical details.

Where can I get NZB files?

NZB files can be obtained from a growing number of search engines such as, and, as well as commercial news services such as NZB files are a Premium Feature of; see the site for more information.

Other options include,, and

Why would I want to do this?

NZB files allow you to use search engines to find the content you want (try, and NZB Drop to download it for you, without ever having to retrieve and wade through a million headers from your news server.

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