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OS X and iOS application development.

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NZB Drop

NZB Drop frees you from crawling through millions of headers to get at the content you want. Use the built-in search to locate files of interest, then experience the simplest, fastest Usenet downloads available anywhere, complete with full post processing.

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Our first lil' app, the best bpm tapper for OS X. Tap your way through entire playlists quickly and efficently, or tap out songs as they come up with minimal disruption to your workflow.

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Sticker Shock

Keep tabs on the price inflation you're experiencing in all the things you buy on a regular basis with Sticker Shock, your personal inflation tracker.

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Hogwasher is a full-featured newsreader for OS X. File downloads in multiple connections across multiple servers, thread trees and extensive filtering for keeping your discussions accessible, and a complete email client just in case.